Spring 2023 Vigil - Day 11 Summary

Saturday, March 4, 2023
Day 11 – 40 Days for Life prayer vigil
Ember Saturday in Lent

A return to winter conditions did not deter numerous prayer volunteers to public witness. Light snow fell throughout the day and coupled with the wind and high humidity, the thirteen vigil participants who came out today were challenged. Three new participants were present and twenty-two hours of prayer time was logged.

Also at the day’s end, I heard a poignant tale. Jerome and I were visited by an acquaintance of his. The older man spoke of the death of his mother by euthanasia. The tragedy involved two of his six siblings conspiring with the medical staff at a senior residence to slowly starve their mother. The plot was interrupted by another sibling whose husband was a medical doctor and with whom she had cared for many seniors in an overseas country. They were able to restore their mother to some measure of health. Yet, on their leaving to return to their homeland, their mother became susceptible to the sinister ploy and death followed. Our story teller was in tears as he recounted the episode. At my suggestion sharing his story with a reporter, he declined.

Motto of the Quebec life Coalition
Building a Christian society that defends faith, family, and the human person, from conception to natural death.

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