Spring 2023 Vigil - Day 13 Summary

Monday, March 6, 2023
Day 13 – 40 Days for Life
Ss Perpetua and Felicity, Martyrs

A quiet day at the vigil.

Teresa. who has consistently been coming out, called around 9am asking whether I would welcome her and two friends so that they could spell me for an hour or so. I said, “Of course!” These ladies ended up staying until about noon. From then, different people dropped by to pray staying varying periods of time – Maurice, Jerome, Francis (a first timer), Albina. All together eight of us came to vigilate.

Pictured above are, from left to right,
myself, Dina, Teresa, and Maurice, with Nelly taking the picture.

In mid to late afternoon, a UQAM student walked over. A woman and by her disposition I felt a tad tense. Staring into my eyes, she asked me, why I was opposed to abortion. I was wearing at the time the sign that read: “Prions pour la fin de l’avortement.” I gave the basic prolife message – an unborn child is a human person whose life has value and deserves to be protected by our society. Her response was predictable; she said that she spits in my face and then walked off.

Women and men have been lied to re the unborn child. From an early age, they are told: “It is only clump of cells.” The fetus is dehumanized. We pray for them all, that the scales of blindness fall off their eyes and that they see the marvel that life is from its very first moment.

The weather was great here – sunny and above zero temps. Tomorrow Tuesday, it is a return to sub-zero temps.

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