Spring 2023 Vigil - Day 15 Summary

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Day 15 – 40 Days for Life
Feria in Lent

International Women’s Day did not go unnoticed at today’s vigil as several women, and a few men, pointed this out to me. First, as the vigil began, a young woman remarked as she walked by that I should have stayed home on account of the memorial. In hindsight I could have pointed to the sign strung around my neck offering support to women experiencing a difficult pregnancy.

A second woman passer actually stopped. Four of us who were present engaged in reciting a rosary and did not engage her. After a few comments she then headed on her way. (This woman is not unfamiliar to the vigil as she has exchanged with us on several previous occasions.)

The last reminder came around midday. While Jerome and I were praying, we found ourselves accompanied by upwards of seven mostly women with handmade signs These stayed for close to an hour, keeping a respectful distance from the two of us. Thanks to Jerome for accompanying me.

Note. I believe the spitter that I reported on the previous blog entry returned, though amiable to conversing. Unfortunately, I was not able to. As I took a step towards him, a young man early twenties appeared and engaged the first man leading to a heated discussion. Have you noticed that nine out of ten conversations re abortion becomes heated? This exchange ended as the men had the sense enough to leave each other. Incidentally, the pro-life defender returned to excuse his behavior.

Vigil daily stats: Eleven people came to pray, logging in about 17 hours of prayer time with a full twelve hours of coverage. Among the vigil participants, there were six first-timers.

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