Spring 2023 Vigil - Day 17 Summary

Friday, March 10, 2023
Day 17 – 40 Days for Life
Feria in Lent

The Penitent Woman In midafternoon - I was startled out of my meditative prayer. While I sat on my stool, a middle-aged woman had approached from behind me and shouted maddingly into my right ear. She was no stranger to me. A few days earlier as I vigilated, she had passed by and shouted aloud about the ‘right’ to abortion and how she had had two. On this day, the script was similar – she berated me and shouted about how glad she was for having procured two abortions. Her words and tone of voice spoke loudly of her inner turmoil.

We pray that such suffering souls, women and men, victims of abortion receive the support they need to mourn their losses.

At day’s end and for a third consecutive Friday, I was invited to join a local food assistance group to the local homeless for a prayer session.

Daily figures: Five came to vigilate today including Roseline pictured with me above and Nelly who took the picture. All together, about eighteen hours of prayer time were done in eleven hours of coverage. One first timer was among these five.

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