Spring 2023 Vigil - Day 21 Summary

Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Day 21 – 40 Days for Life
Feria in Lent

Two exchanges to note on this day.

  • The first occurred just before midday. While vigilating alone, a 25 y.o. approached me and engaged in an exchange first re the purpose of the vigil and then on other matters. Though angry, he was controlled and arguments to and from were exchange. During the conversation, two prayer volunteers, physician and a biologist, arrived and stood nearby praying. In turn they entered the discussion and exchanged some powerful arguments which the lad was not able to refute. He eventually left disgruntled.
  • In midafternoon, I was visited by a couple. The woman did the bulk of the talking as she explained that she was unable to abort her child having made an appoint the previous week and gone to the appoint that day. In tears, she related how she experienced a change in conscience while waiting and thereupon left.

p.s. Montreal draws many tourists including students on March Break. While praying with Teresa and Karin, we three welcomed to the vigil location a group of students from the Greater Toronto Area, who were chaperoned a priest. They paused long enough to exchange, take pictures, and to give us three a clerical blessing.

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