Spring 2023 Vigil - Day 25 Summary

Saturday, March 18, 2023
Day 25 – 40 Days for Life
Feria in Lent

Quiet day of prayer and witnessing for life. Vigil participants shared that it was a calm day for praying and chatting. No exchanges were reportd to me. When i returned in midafternoon, Charlotte had chosen a new vigil spot, one quite close to the pedestrian traffic. I usually sit at a more remote place some 5 to 8 meters away from the flow. She had chose this new spot to catch the afternoon sun and which happens to be but a few feet from persons travelling east and west along St. Catherine Street. No comments were directed to Charlotte, Greg, and I, safe for one gentleman who stopped and sardonically noted that after removing the right to abortion let us remove the woman's right to vote.

Winter is not quite over as between 5 and 6 pm, flakes began to fall and within moments a snow squall has enveloped the vigil and downtown Montreal.

Vigil daily figures: During twelve hours of coverage, twelve came to pray, no newcomers, and about twenty-five hours of prayer time logged.

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