Spring 2023 Vigil - Day 27 Summary

Monday, March 20, 2023
Day 27 – 40 Days for Life
St. Joseph, Spouse of the BVM
Pastor and Confessor of the Universal Church (transferred)

Days of contrast – Whereas this past Saturday, vigil participants reported little in the way of exchanges and passing comments, today was quite the opposite. From my early arrival and continuing throughout the day, persons of varying interests stopped by the vigil to interact with those of us present.

  • First came Jennifer and a friend. She shared that she and her colleague were pregnant. I offered them breakfast and as we were entering the metro plaza, we three met two of their friends to whom I certainly couldn’t not deny the same offer.
  • On returning from having purchased the meals, prayer volunter Lila arrived. On her way to work, she stopped briefly to give me several “Hot Pads,” those inserts into gloves and boots offering warmth. She also promised to return at day’s end to pray.
  • Jos arrived around 8am and stayed with me – both on the site and on my break, until about 14h00.
  • John, a first timer, arrived around 10am and stayed for an hour. We recited a rosary and shared on various matters.
  • Charlotte arrived at 11am and covered for close to an hour.
  • Benoît, a local vulnerable person, arrived asking for sustance to which Jos obliged, accompanying him into the metro for food and fellowship.
  • While reciting a rosary over the phone with members of the Legion of Mary, I was visited by two members of the local ANTIFA chapter. Unfortunately, as I was preoccupied, I could not give them my full attention. They made some video of me praying and left. Not to worry. An hour later, they made a second pass, mentionning they would come back at some later time.
  • Pascal, a parishioner at St. Jean Baptiste parish, stopped to offer kind words of support. Providentially, he was there when three CEGEP youths arrived and the five of us had a good exchange on a variety of topics - when life begins, whether our signs are convicting women, ...
  • True to her word, Lila returned and together we recited prayers during which we met two other supporters arrived.
  • The end with two other wellwishers stopped to chat - Frank and Pierre.

No two days are like. The vigil runs for another ten days, through to Sunday, April 2, 2023 - Passion Sunday, and from 7am to 7pm. Do drop by!

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