Spring 2023 Vigil - Day 5 Summary

Sunday, February 26, 2023
Day 5 – 40 Days for Life, spring vigil
First Sunday of Lent

Beware of Congolese food!

Today I suffered the effects of last night's party. On Saturday evening after the vigil, I attended a children’s birthday party. The five-year-old celebrated was the daughter of one of the moms whom our pregnancy support program "Enceinte et Inquiète" ("Pregnant? Worried?") has helped. She and I have become friends since the daughter’s birth and on Saturday, she invited me to the party.

Enjoyable, it was. The bulk of the food was ethnic Congolese. I may have eaten too much as on this day, my stomach rebelled. Thanks go to the two mothers/vigil participants who today advised on how best to reestablish my digestive system.

Abortion facility: closed

The numbers:
- Vigil coverage for the first five days: 95% (57 hours present out of a total of 60)
- Participants: 23 people have come to pray, 34 times, during the first five days, with a daily average attendance of about seven.
- On Sunday, 21 hours of prayer-witnessing done among the 8 people who showed up.

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